Flat Roof Installers in Penistone

All our flat roof installers in Penistone are highly-qualified and experienced skilled professionals. At M. Taylor Roofing, we have been installing flat roofing installer for many years now, offering a range of cost effective flat roofing solutions for various property types including:

  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • Garages
  • Industrial
  • Shelters & Lean Tos

Our permanent EPDM flat roof system has at least 50 years of life expectancy to provide you with a long-lasting and safe flat roofing solution. Our industry-leading EPDM flat roof system has a range of possible application for all flat roof projects, whether you require a flat roof for commercial, industrial, domestic trade or DIY purposes. We provide professional flat roofing solutions in Penistone with built in ridges to encourage any rainfall to run safely down the roof and into the gutter.

What is EPDM?
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is synthesised to produce a high-quality rubber roofing membrane that is used during the installation of our flat roofing systems. This results in a extremely flexible, lightweight flat roofing membrane that has unrivalled UV resistance and longevity to ensure you have a safe and reliable flat roof that is installed at a time that suits you.

As it has a low life-cycle cost, EPDM requires little or no maintenance once it is installed, proving to be the leading environmentally-friendly flat roof material for the future. Thanks to its inert properties, expected lifespan and limited impact during the manufacturing process, ERDM is also very environmentally-friendly. Thanks to its simple applications, EPDM is become more popular in the DIY market as the membrane is installed in a single piece, avoiding joins.

Professional installation at a low-cost
Our flat roofing installers in Penistone are trained to offer an appropriate variety of roofing solutions for all structures and property types to ensure that you get a bespoke flat roofing system that perfectly meets your needs and requirements with safety and reliability.

Our friendly and professional team of flat roofing installers in Penistone are especially proud to consistently meet and often exceed customer expectations when dealing with any type of flat roofing system. Worried that installing a flat roof could cause water to gather on their roof? There’s no need to worry as our flat roofing system is designed to efficiently deflect rain to prevent potential water damage and leaks.

From building to installing your flat roof, you can be confident of a low-cost and relatively inexpensive flat roofing system that retains safety and reliability. This makes flat roofs very affordable during installation and afterwards with low-cost maintenance as there are fewer damage and repair costs over the flat roof’s lifespan. Flat roofs also take up less space, allowing air conditioning units to be positioned on the roof instead of the ground. With a flat roof, the limit is your imagination when you think of filling all that extra space.

If you are looking for flat roofing installer in Penistone and would like a free no obligation quote then please feel free to contact us at any time for further information by calling us on 0800 954 5179 or email us mtaylorroofing@hotmail.com.

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